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Why invest with ABL Corp?

We believe ABL Corp is more than just a credit provider

We are an entire system designed to provide our investors with a high level of active and direct support. Our agile and innovative risk management software and strategies allows us to work with our borrowers and investors to confidently make material decisions regarding the allocation of funds.

ABL Software

Our programming and development team have built the FinView Software and its core components.

The ABL FinView Software integrates with third-party cloud-based accounting software systems to deliver live financial data from our borrower’s accounting file, driving our credit risk model and our credit assessment procedures. We have based our software around utilising innovative technologies and API to help us focus on our key operational points; efficiency in scale, improved risk mitigation and credit decision making, borrower-friendly features, automated onboarding processes, integration with external platforms and robust security and privacy systems.

Board of Directors

Investor Documentation and Reports

Investor FAQs

B Class Capital Shares pay a 10% per annum Dividend return, paid monthly into your bank account. An additional capital gain is also achieved through the stapled units in ABL Capital Trust for a share of 5% of the Ordinary Share capital of ABL Corp Ltd. The capital gains of the company are linked to increasing value with every dollar invested of 4% (estimated) and future growth from retained profits, goodwill and Intellectual Property value increases.

B Class Capital Shareholders also have first option to invest into any specialist venture capital projects associated with high performing businesses that ABL funds.

Risk is mitigated through the application of multiple security measures:

  • Significantly the most unique and the most powerful risk mitigation tool is that ABL undertakes all accounting work for all borrowers and provides monthly reviews of the real-time data. This is significant as it allows VUE to monitor a borrowers performance well in advance of complications arising. It also allows VUE to provide regular advice to borrowers to ensure they have every opportunity to perform to the highest level.
  • All cash inflow of the business is directed through ABL’s bank accounts, permitting ABL to hold cash in the event of any concerns.
  • Security is taken over all assets of the business, including Debtors, Inventory, Work in Progress and Plant and Equipment.
  • Property is also secured where risk is determined to be high or of concern.
  • Directors and shareholders guarantees are obtained, which will capture any assets that held individually.
  • ABLPoint, the specialist software of ABL, uploads and analyses all borrowers data on a real time basis, providing an accurate and instant assessment tool for credit managers. This software also assesses ongoing security to loan value and also entire portfolio loan value to assets secured. Conservative valuations are always used.

VUE Finance’s competitive advantage for borrowers is that it not only monitors their up to date performance actively, but they also provide specialist advice to assist businesses to grow and remain strong. Completing the financial accounts for the borrower, ensures that the data is accurate and generally free from manipulation by the owner. It also allows VUE to make lending decisions for borrowers instantly, rather than over months. This is further expanded to allow businesses to increase lending caps without having to reapply for new loans, saving the business time, saving on assessment time costs and ensuring an active and growing business.

ABL Corp lends to businesses that generally have a B2B relationship with its customers, that turnover less than $10m and that reflect a business operation and owner, that is driven and focused with a firm determination to growth and success.

Review the Information Memorandum and complete the application form at the back as instructed and then deposit your investment funds into the bank account noted on the application form. Email the application form to the email on the form.

Receiving your shareholder communications electronically is the best way to stay informed and will assist ABL Corp Ltd with minimising paper usage. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to make the switch to paperless communications and provide us with your email address. To make the change, login to, add your email address via ‘My Details’ on the left-hand side of the screen and click ‘Communication Options’ to select the communication options you would like to set to email.

You can make a standing election as to how you would like to receive certain documents including annual reports, meeting-related documents (for example notices of meeting and proxy/voting forms) and payment statements.

You can also make a one-off request to receive a document in physical or electronic form by contacting the registry on

You will also be able to access Shareholder Documents such as our Annual Report, Notice of Meeting and other documents relating to shareholder meetings when they are published on our website or made available on the ASX platform.


How likely would you recommend ABL Corp as an investment to your friends, family, peers?

9 out of 10

* average score based off recent survey sent to all current investors (10 = extremely likely)

How satisfied are you with your current return on investment?

9 out of 10

* average score based off recent survey sent to all current investors (10 = extremely satisfied)

I am proud to be a shareholder in ABL. It it run by an experienced team I have dealt with many times and has excellent long term investment prospects.


This is a premium investment in today’s economic situation.


I find ABL Corp a great investment, interest is paid monthly, any questions or queries i have are replied to promptly. I love the concept of providing bookkeeping, financial advice and funding to small business in Australia. From a client’s perspective the flexibility to funding they offer is one of a kind.


ABL Corp has a great underpinning foundation to help finance small to medium Enterprises (SME) to get what is needed quickly. Not for moiety gain, but to help with their long term growth, productivity and output, to minimising downtime from lengthy process and approvals in the mainstream financial sector. I invest with ABL Corp as a SMSF Trustee, Company Director and soon, personally. As the SME Clients are providing ABL Corp ( or their Parent Company/Subsidiary ) with up-to-date information via their App and Business to Business team interactions. I feel comfortable and can sleep at night understanding that my investments are being looked after.


We find ABL Corp to be totally Ethical and highly professional, very competent in managing their clients and highly efficient in communicating with us at all times. We have the highest regard for this organisation and their employees and can recommend the company to any sophisticated investors.

Terry and Cheryl

I have had amazing returns on my investment and COVID has not impacted my returns. The communication and updates regarding the Company have been wonderful.

Any queries I have had have been attended to very promptly.


Give your clients access to uncapped funding and a business partner is invested in their success. We understand how important it is that your clients have an amazing experience and are taken care of. When you refer to us, rest assured they will be looked after by our team and you will be kept up-to-date throughout the whole process.

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